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                       Rizal park is also known as Luneta park is the perfect place for every one of you . it is very popular here in the Philippines. Because of it's magnificent gigantic monument and activities it is not surprising if there are thousands of people that have a smile and joy on their faces like they never had before, just because they have fun n the park. Rizal park is also known for it's extreme cleanliness and neatness and at the monument you  will see a bunch of guard guarding the magnificent and gigantic monument .When you see the guards  it is your like your looking at a pole,  their body are so awesome  so straight so neat ,they do not move their body even a little .. Here in luneta Expect the fast moving wind touching your skin gently over by over and also expect the fresh air  serving you the process of relaxation, enjoying peace in this day
So if your sick tired of your kingdom of the most boring of all,well you must ride with us and explore things with us. AND I'M TELLING YOU ITS NOT AN ORDINARY PARK!!




           Rizal park was Bagumbayan in the 1800's when spaniards occupied our country.This park was the south of Intramuros. Do  you know why it is also called luneta park ? It is because the the park has the shape of half moon which is called lunette. And the most important event happened here  is:  It is place where the execution of Rizal happened.. It is not just ordinary execution because the man who sold his life for us,the man who lighten up the candle in our heart inspiring the heart of Filipinos to fight against the arrogant Spaniards in which he only fights with his pen. His the man that makes us free, the man that have the bravery to surpass all the blocks all the obstacle of thorns for us .... He's Jose P. Rizal our national hero, the one that holds the book in the monument I was talking about ,,the one you read for how many times.. That is why we don't liter ,, that is why it is guarded,, it is very precious to us  and that is how we show respect to our national hero and also here lies in the Rizal park the monument of other heroes that experience what Rizal has experienced.

                                  THE PARK

Nowadays, the park is a favorite place for dating and for family picnics because of its spacious grassy lawns and open-air concert hall that features live entertainment and music. The park also has a chess plaza, a skating rink, fountains, and playgrounds. Every Sunday morning, Filipino martial artists use the park to practice eskrima, a traditional martial arts form inherited from the Spaniards.
Horse-drawn vehicles or calesas are available for rent to tour the park, but be prepared to haggle. The standard rate is P50 per person for a 15-minute, one-way ride

The Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavillion

At the heart of old Manila, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion isan oasis for those looking for a serene, quiet spot that’s close to nature: it is filled with lush greenery including a miniature rainforest.
And to think that this theme park and ecological preserve is right in the middle of congested roads and government buildings. A park within a park, the Orchidarium is located inside the Luneta National Park. Around it are the National Museum, Museo Pambata, Rizal Park and its Planetarium, and the Manila Bay. Owned and managed by the Clean and Green Foundation, the Orchidarium began as a one-hectare donation from the National Parks Authority. It used to be a parking lot


An ornate Chinese-style gate, carved with swirling dragons, leads you into this whimsical garden which looks like it has been transported from old Peking. Along the lagoon constructed to simulate a small lake, are pagodas and gazebos that are set off by red pillars and green-tiled roofs and decorated with a profusion of mythical figures.


On an area north of Rizal monument stands a set of statues depicting Rizal's execution, situated on the spot where he was actually martyred, contrary to popular belief that the monument is the spot where he was executed.  In the evenings, a Light & Sound presentation titled "The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal", features a multimedia dramatization of the last poignant minutes of the life of the national hero.[1


or the Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom). The monument was a gift from the people of Korea as appreciation and to honor the memory of freedom-loving Filipinos who helped during the Korean War in the early 1950s (as inscribed in the plaque). Lapu-Lapu was a native Muslim chieftain in Mactan, Cebu and representative of the Sultan of Sulu, and is now known as the first native of the archipelago to resist Spanish colonization. He is retroactively regarded as the first national hero of the Philippines. On the morning of April 27, 1521, Lapu-Lapu and the men of Mactan, armed with spears and kampilan, faced Spanish soldiers led by Portuguese captain Ferdinand Magellan in what would later be known as the Battle of Mactan. Magellan and several of his men were killed

(The Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium in Manila,Philippines. It is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of China Oceanis Inc., a Singaporean-registered firm that has operated four oceanariums in China. It is located behind the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park. It opened on March 1, 2008.[1] In terms of floor space, the 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) oceanarium is larger than the Sentosa Underwater World oceanarium in Singapore, and features a 25-metre (82 ft) underwater acrylic tunnel.


From the CaMaNaVa* (north of Manila) area:
*CaMaNaVa stands for Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela

Option 1. From Monumento, take an LRT 1 Yellow Line going to Taft and get down at United Nations station. This will be the start of Luneta/Rizal Park.

Option 2. From Monumento, ride a jeepney along Rizal Avenue bound for Taft Avenue and asked to be dropped at T.M. Kalaw.
From around Manila: 
Option 1. Ride a jeepney along Rizal Avenue bound for Taft Avenue and asked to be dropped at T.M. Kalaw.
Option 2. Take an LRT 1 Yellow Line going to Taft and get down at United Nations station, walk towards T.M. Kalaw.
Option 3. From Lawton/City Hall area, ride a jeepney going to Baclaran and get down at the Shell Station at the corner of M.H.Del Pilar and T.M.Kalaw.

Option 4. Along Roxas Boulevard, there are FX that are Sucat-Lawton. You can ride this and asked to be dropped at Luneta.

From Quezon City and Marikina:
Option 1. Take the LRT2 Purple Line and go down at Recto Station. From here, transfer to Doroteo Jose Station of LRT 1 Yellow Line and ride an LRT bound for Baclaran. Go down at United Nations Avenue.
Option 2. From Cubao, you can ride a jeepney/FX that is bound for Quiapo and asked to be dropped at Rizal Avenue. Ride an LRT 1 bound for Baclaran via Doroteo Jose Station. Get down at United Nations Station.
Areas by the east side of Metro Manila (i.e. Pasig, Mandaluyong, Pateros etc):
Option 1. You can ride an MRT southbound to EDSA-Taft Station and transfer to the LRT1 via an elevated walkway to EDSA Station and ride an LRT bound for Monumento. Get down at United Nations Station and walk towards T.M. Kalaw.

Option 2. You can ride an MRT southbound to EDSA-Taft Station and from there ride a Quiapo/Divisoria bound jeepney via Taft Avenue. There are also buses from the south that are bound for Lawton, you can take that, get down at United Nations Station and walk towards T.M. Kalaw.

Option 3. You can also ride an MRT northbound to Cubao and transfer to LRT 2 Purple Line bound for Recto and ride an LRT 1 bound for Baclaran. Get down at United Nations Avenue. (This route is crazy and impractical, but it works).
From the south (Pasay, Makati, Paranaque and more southern area):
Option 1. Ride an FX or bus bound for Manila City Hall or Lawton and get down at Luneta.
Option 2. From SM Mall of Asia or along Taft Avenue, take a jeepney bound for Divisoria either via Taft or Mabini route. Get down at Luneta.
Option 3. Ride the LRT 1 Yellow Line bound for United Nations Station and get down at United Nations Station and walk towards T.M. Kalaw.

Option 4. Around Makati and Pasay, ride Libertad-LRT or Buendia-LRT bound jeepneys or Ayala-Leveriza bound buses and get down at the LRT station. Ride either an LRT or jeepney along Taft Avenue and get down at United Nations Station or Luneta/Rizal Park.

Option 5. Along Roxas Boulevard, there are FX that are Sucat-Lawton. You can ride this and asked to be dropped at Luneta.
For private vehicles, Rizal Park is accessible via Roxas Boulevard and Taft Avenue. It is actually advisable to come from Roxas Boulevard as there's ample parking and usually less car at this area. Taft Avenue usually have congested traffic.

Of course, you can ride a taxicab from any parts of Metro Manila and just mention to the driver to bring you to "Luneta", or"Rizal Park".


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